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Welcome to our family business, now in its fourth generation. My girlfriend Sabine and I, both graduates in viticulture and oenology, work side by side with my parents Gianluigi and Maria, graduates in agricultural crops. Our company is located on the enchanting eastern hills of Lake Garda, at the foot of Monte Baldo.

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What defines us

Our wine is more than the sum of its ingredients. It is shaped by the stories of life and the three pillars on which Agricola Castellani rests.


Traditional cultivation

PERGOLA: The Traditional Trainings system

Our vines are older than their winegrowers, so they know what they are doing. We want to preserve the tried and tested and therefore rely on traditional methods, such as Pergola training system.


Craftsmanship in harmony with nature

Every year, we create unique wines through our close connection to nature and dedicated manual labor. As a certified organic winery, we create incomparable quality through hand-picking and high biodiversity.


Experience of Generations

In the past, the winegrowers of Agricola Castellani were called to lunch by a small bell, where they came together and exchanged experiences. We still benefit from this knowledge today and create something very special as a family.

Our wine tastings

Our wines taste best when they are drunk together and we are happy to give you an insight into the work at the winery and the philosophy behind our products.

We offer various wine experiences for this purpose, but if there is nothing suitable, just give us a call and we will create an individual plan with you.

  • Piccolo

    3 wines to taste

    Homemade tomato sauce

    Regional cheese and sausage selection

    Bread with olive oil

    approx. 45-60 min

    18€ per person

    You discover 
  • Grande

    5 wines to try

    Cellar tour

    Homemade tomato sauce & pesto

    Regional cheese and sausage selection

    Bread with olive oil

    са. 1.5 - 2 hours

    28€ per person

    You discover 
  • Molto Grande

    6 wines to taste

    Vineyard tour with the truck pick-up off road

    Guided tour of the winery and cellar

    Homemade tomato sauce & pesto

    Regional cheese and ham selection

    Bread with olive oil

    Seasonal vegetables from our garden

    ca. 3 hours

    46€ per person (> 4 persons)

    64€ per person (< 4 persons)

    You discover 

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Are you vegetarian or do you have certain intolerances?

Please let us know when booking.‍

On request, we can also make our menu lactose- or gluten-free.‍

For children and non-drinking adults, the experience packages cost:


Where you can find us:

Agricola Castellani

Località Rotti, 69/c

37012 Bussolengo VR, Italy

Please contact Matteo by phone or WhatsApp (German/English/Italian):

+39 340 465 7427


Mon - Sun, 11:00 - 19:00‍

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