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Agricola Castellani

El Griso 2018

El Griso 2018

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Verona IGT Rosato

A wine for all wine freaks! Outstandingly special! On the nose, it is very open with apricot, cinnamon and toasted notes, accompanied by a scent of tobacco and orange peel. In the mouth it is elegant, full of flavor with light tannins. Broad and velvety finish.

Content: 750 ml

Drink Recommendation

A wine that wants to be explored. Excellent as a mediation wine, but it is also a suitable choice as an accompaniment to a selection of mature cheeses or with fusion cousins.‍

Advice for disposal of packaging materials

Materiale: Bottiglia
Codice ambientale: GL71
Riciclo: Vetro
Materiale: Tappo bottiglie
Codice ambientale: OTHER 07
Riciclo: Plastica
Materiale: Cartone
Codice ambientale: PAP20
Riciclo: Carta

Raccolta Differenziata‍

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